My work has always focused on the mystery to be found in the commonplace, everyday world. Working as both a print maker and painter, my subject matter has included construction workers, urban landscapes, horse racing, ants and monkeys interacting as workers and bosses, and abstraction based on the natural world. I have worked with a variety of mediums: small hand printed, multi-colored woodcuts; abstract constructions; drawings on paper; large-scale oil and acrylic paintings.

In 2011, I began working in oil again, painting vignettes from my house and yard in Chicago. The materials in these domestic scenes include thrift store, estate sale, outsider art, found objects, my own work, and are rotated on a changing basis. These pieces encapsulate the random coming together of the unknown, causing the viewer to question and delight in the unexpected. My latest work focuses on local storefronts, both shuttered and currently in business, along with doorways and construction dumpsters. These mundane subjects take on a mysterious life of their own for me, enveloping a sense of time and place that never remains still.